Tips for Stress-free Traveling with Your Little One

If you're traveling with your baby, it can be difficult to do if you're alone or even if you have someone such as a spouse or a significant other with you. Fortunately, there are so many different things that you can do and purchase today to make it easier that you're almost guaranteed to make traveling with baby a breeze if you know what you're looking for.

Here are a few tips to get you on the right path for stress-free traveling with your little one.

First thing's first: a comfortable car seat is a must if you're traveling by car. Ideally, you want to buy one that you are going to be able to use from birth until they're almost in pre-school. Half the battle with car seats is getting them in and out of the car, so purchasing one with a base that you can leave in the car is the easiest solution if you don't like wrestling with with the seat belt method.

Knowing how your baby is going to be sleeping when you’re traveling is just as important. Where does the baby sleep in a hotel room? Certainly not in the floor! But, also certainly not on the bed with nothing to stop them from rolling off. Do yourself a favor and bring bed bumpers that you can stuff underneath the sheets; they'll stop the baby from rolling over and most are inflatable, so they're easy to carry along.

Entertainment for long car rides is also something you need to consider. If you have a tablet such as a Kindle, you can keep your little one occupied with videos while they're riding with you. If not, other toys may suffice, depending on what your little one is interested in.

Bathing your baby while on vacation is another consideration. Hotels don't have sinks big enough for you to bathe them in, so sink bathing is out. You'll need a collapsible baby bath tub for that. They take up little space and are easy to use.