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Best Restaurants to eat on Vanua Levu, Fiji


Vanau Levu may not be as popular as the other islands in Fiji. But there are plenty of quality restaurants, cafes and hotels to eat and stay. If you ever go hungry at Vanua Levuisland, then these are some of the best restaurants you must visit to delight your hunger.

  • Captain’s Table –Located on the town of Savusavu, Captain’s Table Restaurant offer some of the most gorgeous views of the surroundings. Along with the gorgeous views, the menu comprises of international cuisine from Europe, Indian and Pacific with the use of fresh locally grown ingredients. From steaks to seafood, fruits to vegetables, everything is delicious.
  • Labasa Restaurant – If you love Indian food with a blend of Fijian culture, then Labasa is the restaurant is the place to be. Located on the main road of Labasa Town, this restaurant serves some of the best and delicious curries.
  • Oriental Bar and Restaurant –Next to Indian culture, Chinese culture has also played a major influence in Fiji. If you love Asian food especially Chinese cuisine, then head over to Oriental Bar and Restaurant offering some of the best soups and curries.
  • Taste of Hidden Paradise –It doesn’t look inviting from the outside, but it is the Asian-Pacific food that makes it an inviting restaurant. The restaurant also serves at the Planters Club which is situated next to the restaurant. The club is a hub for locals and tourists who wish to enjoy a drink after the sunset.
  • Surf and Turf – The restaurant is more on the expensive. But what makes it a must-visit is about the quality and variety of food offered. The menu contains pastas, shellfish, vegetarian and many more international cuisines to choose from.

Fiji private Island is home to some of the best restaurants.

Sailing Holidays Croatia Skippered

Croatia is the best way to enjoy the holidays. There are many different sailing firms in Croatia but some of them are best due to their good services. It's better to learn about those so whenever you're in Croatia you can hire a yacht charter for your fun and relaxing vacation.

Improve your sailing abilities: The sailing class in Croatia provided by them will let you have a professional skipper to coach your sailing abilities. They may provide you a team of 5-7 members. If you are looking for hiring skippered yacht charter Croatia then you can check out

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They will adjust the sailing class in Croatia as you want. They will be offering you a professional skipper. He's a professional skipper assigned to each yacht. It's his job to care for the yacht and make sure that the team arrives safely at the destination. He's also the one teaching you the sailing abilities if you would like to.

It isn't that their sailing class in Croatia will only allow you to understand sailing but will also provide you with the best of pleasure. They book a place, negotiate discounts and revel in local, fresh food together. A few of the restaurants may be in crowded cities; others might be a single house. You can enjoy good food and have a fantastic mood.

How To Reach Himachal Pradesh

If you are looking for a place for the vacations then no place is better than Himachal Pradesh. Himachal Pradesh always remains at the top position on the wish list of all tourists. In Himachal Pradesh, there is something special for everyone. And your vacations in Himachal Pradesh will be amazing for sure.

But there is one question comes to the mind of everyone and that is How to reach Himachal Pradesh? If you are with the family then it will be ideal that you hire a taxi. Because in a taxi you will be sitting with all the people and have a fun time with them. And as compared to it if you use your own car then you need to focus on the road and it will cost you all the fun. And the roads of Himachal Pradesh are not that easy to drive. You need the help of the expert. There are many taxi service providers in the town. And you can find anyone with the help of the internet. If you are looking for the reputed and affordable service provider then visit My Himachal Travel. We have the experience of arranging different-different tours to Himachal Pradesh at a reasonable rate.

A Prefect Croatia Sailing Trip

Sailing in Croatia is the best way to enjoy the holidays. There are thousands of islands, beautiful coves and historical cities in Croatia. If you are a food lover then you can eat some spicy recipes and food in Croatia. Everything is easily available in Croatia restaurants.

If you want to explore the beauty of Croatia then you can hire a yacht charter. The yacht charter companies are very helpful in providing facilities for tourists. They arrange everything which you want. They will provide you staff for your security and help. You can explore to know more about croatia sailing charter.


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You can meet with peoples those are also coming from other countries. So it’s a big opportunity to meet with the all-around world of peoples.

There are many beautiful places that you will need to go throughout the Sailing trip in Croatia. Let us take a look:-

A split is one such spot for an excellent Croatia Sailing Trip. Additionally, it is referred to as the ‘sun-kissed blossom of the Mediterranean', because of its 330 sunny days annually. Here we find the Diocletian Palace, explore narrow stone-paved roads, and respect palms in the seaside promenade. You may enjoy a special dinner in one of the conventional konobas and before you sit down in the Peristil square in which you listen to a Split's finest young musicians, you are far, far away from our everyday lives… and near the real joy of living!

Using Travel Guides to Your Benefit

When it comes to traveling, there are two types of people. First, who plan their vacation before leaving their homes and the second are those who have no plans before going to their vacations.

But if you are planning to go the vacation then are various tour guide in Thailand  who can help you to plan your vacations, but be sure that you must choose the official tour guides.

Here are some important points in which the tour guide will help you:

  • Helps in planning your vacation:

You can check the brochure given by the travel guide and find out the place where you want to go or find out the activities that you want to do on vacations.

  • Aware you about the risks:

The resident tour guide is known by the local weather condition and threat zones in the city.

And also protect you from the various kind of risks by providing you the information about the places.

  • They prevent you from being cheated:

when you hire a tour guide, he will give the proper information about the fares of taxis  and prevent you from being cheated by the taxi drivers

  • Accommodation:

while on traveling if you are looking for accommodation for luxury resorts or an affordable hotels tour guide will help you by providing detailed information about the resorts and the hotels.

Thus, only by following tour guide and also using government agencies as a guide, you could have the ability to enjoy your trip properly.

Planning Your Trip To Hollywood City

One of the most celebrated cities in the world is Hollywood, California, the home of the film and television industries of America. This booming city, with many exciting tourist attractions and historical landmarks, is a great tourist destination for people who love movies.

If you want to opt for the fun Hollywood tour, then you can search various online sources. The tour services will make you visit the Hollywood Sign, Celebrity Homes, and Dolby Theater and so on.

Movie lovers gather to the town annually to see the most popular landmarks that place Hollywood aside from different cities. If you are a movie fan and looking to plan your vacation to Hollywood, there are a few vital steps.

First, look for a terrific hotel in Hollywood which is close to your tourist spots, dining, and public transportation. Driving in the area can be hard due to traffic hence finding a hotel that's centrally located will help you save a lot of traffic annoyance.

A hotel within walking distance is ideal. However, if you plan to travel to places outside of walking space, renting a vehicle is a good idea. Next, decide on a few exciting destinations that you'd love to see.

The Hollywood Walk of Fame is a very renowned tourist attraction that you will not want to miss. Yet another fascinating section of seeing this bustling city is taking tours to famous movie studios in the area.

Couples Honeymooning to Australia Guide for First-Timers


Australia is huge and there are so many things to do and see which can be a challenging task. If you’re planning to spend your honeymoon in Australia for the first time, then these are few things to consider.

  • Have Flat White Coffee – Coffee is quite popular in Australia. Melbourne is known to offer this amazing flat white coffee consisting of expresso coffee along with milk without the presence of foam. There are other varieties of coffee to try out as well.
  • Climb or Walk on the Sydney Harbor Bridge – Looking at this great bridge is one thing but when you’re present it’s just another fantastic experience. Climbing the bridge gives you scenic beauty of the city.
  • Visit the Daintree Rainforest –Australia’s oldest rainforest is the Daintree. This site offers some of the most breath-taking views of the surrounding similar to the movie ‘Avatar’. You can take a walk on a few of the tracks, swim, zipline and many more.
  • Swim near Whale Shark –The whale shark is the largest fish in the world. It is one of the best activities to do and they are harmless.
  • Visit Various Islands – Australia’s home to a few of the finest islands in the world. Honeymooning on islands like Hamilton, Bedarra etc can provide the best experience for couples with ample of activities and sights to see.

Australia is also home to some of the best private island honeymoon destinations in the world and couples must visit them.

Austin Brewery Tours are Fun

Do you like beer? Lots of people do, however, how many of us really know about several types of beer and the brewing procedure? A local brewery tour can be a good way to find out more.

There is nothing better than sitting in a wonderful bar and drinking an excellent pint of beer. It is a great way to spend a day or an evening, surrounded by family or friends.

It's really a special feeling – enjoying a terrific beverage when surrounded by our company of choice. Most of us have a favorite beer, or at least a favorite sort of beer. If you also thinking to go on a brewery tour with your friends, then you can contact

Nobody of us is actually aware of exactly what makes our favorite drink taste the way it does? Could we actually differentiate the individual ingredients?

Considering the manufacturing process can be a great way to know more, and to enjoy beer to a greater amount. The next time you sit to drink, consider how far away you're seated from the brewery that produced it.                              

With the increase of local breweries, you may find that you are not a lot of miles apart from the foundation of your preferred beer. Maybe you could learn just a little about how it is produced.

These Breweries often welcome people, with a variety of breweries providing tours. These tours enable one to have a look at the scenes and see what's involved in the whole procedure.

Animals to Worth Seeing in Australia for Honeymoon Couples


Australia is home some of most fascinating animal species in the world. From cute to dangerous, there are plenty of wildlife species to witness in Australia. These are a few species to witness in Australia.

  • Bandicoot – These are cute animals that eat plants and meat. Meaning, these 20 species of Bandicoot are nocturnal and omnivores.
  • Camel – Though non-native, back in the 19th century, the camels were imported to help with the construction and transportation. Today, the population of camels is around 1.2 million found in the desert and are exported to the Middle East countries like Saudi Arabia.
  • Cane Toad – The cane toad was used to take care of the beetles to stop them from destroying few crops. Today similar to the camels, they are non-native and are spreading large number of diseases.
  • Cassowary – Terrible looks but beautiful at the same time. The beauty is owing to the colours on the neck and the head. Found mainly on the northern part of Queensland, these species are quite shy and spotting one is rare.
  • Crocodiles – One of the scariest species found in Australia are the crocodiles. If there are signs that tell you to stay away from the water, follow the signs. These are mighty species you don’t want to mess with.

Along with the animal species, Australia is one of the best romantic honeymoon destinations in the world.

Resources For People Interested In Kayaking On Lake Erie

Are you interested in kayaking on lake Erie? If so then you will definitely be able to benefit from the various resources that are available on the Internet which can provide you with different ideas on it. You will want specific pieces of information if you are going to be kayaking on lake Erie for the first time or even if you are going to attempt kayaking itself for the first time.

From the type of kayak that you should be investing in to when you should actually be getting it done in terms of what season and what time of day you should be kayaking, you will want to learn as a priority before attempting to get on the waters. This is so that you can take all safety measures to ensure that you only go on having fun doing what you love to do, that is kayaking or even fishing and kayaking at the same time.

The type of website that you refer to for information would also make a huge difference as you need information from people who are actually experienced kayaking on lake Erie. There is a huge difference between people who provide information by gathering it from other sources online and people who provide after having experienced something themselves.

There are always hidden tricks and notable tips that can only come from the part of those who have experienced kayaking on lake Erie and websites like PaddleLakeErie can be a great help. In order to improve your chances of finding every bit of information related to kayaking on lake Erie, it would be helpful if you can refer to multiple websites instead of relying exclusively upon a single source of information to plan your future activity.

With proper equipment and accessories, together with relevant information to enhance your experience levels, you will be able to enjoy kayaking on lake Erie.