CSR Racing 2 is the primary non-EA mobile game to spec a Porsche

Mobile racing target CSR Racing 2 game will be the primary non-EA Smartphone game to use the Porsche license.

This is the primary time an officially licensed Porsche has emerged in a non-EA game since 2000, although some enterprising coders have side-steeped the deal by featuring RUF-customised models, which are not added in the exclusivity deal.

Porsche has had a long history in video games, with its Porsche Boxster being the subject of the PlayStation one title Porsche challenge, developed by SCEE. Most recently in mobile area, Porsche popped up in true Racing 3, with the Cayman GT4 showing up ahead of its true-world release in February 2015.

CSR racing 2 cheat and hack

The general framework is CSR2 hack is less or more the same. A story provides you a reason to be drag racing through some extremely gorgeous scenery, making your way up the ranks through 5 increasingly more hard groups of opposing racers. Beat 4 henchmen and you can take on the boss, who needs to be defeated 3 times. Topple the boss a 4th time in a special race you win his or her ride to use in the next races tier.

Seven different parts of each vehicle can be upgraded to 5 stages (6 with unique parts), meaning there is almost forever a way to make your vehicle quicker. A new level of technique comes into play with a tuning system that permits tinkering with nitrous, tire pressure and gear ratio, permitting you to sacrifice acceleration for more raw speed – vital for the half-mile races the game occasionally throws at you.

A big range of cosmetic enhancements is accessible, including rims, paint, custom liveries and more. A freshness bonus rewards you for switching up the look of your cars each week, providing even more reason to get creative. You can get all these features through CSR 2 hack android.

The reflections and lighting are especially remarkable, and provided your tablet or phone has enough oomph under the hood,  you can even open the hood, doors and trunk.  The initial game mechanics of timing the launch just right and shifting at the best times have also been adjusted to make them more accessible while still challenging. Gone are the system of lights from CSR racing, changed by a zone on the tachometer at which you have to keep the indicator in the green.