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The Way to Identify Lawn Diseases

Here is the hard truth about lawn diseases — many are tough to identify. Lawn diseases are easy to confuse with other difficulties, such as damage and tough to tell apart and simple maladies like fertilizer burn. You will have difficulty fixing it if you can’t recognize the disease.
Descriptions are not enough to detect lawn diseases. You will need to look to identify the problem. The ideal place is through the local extension office. Cooperative extensions have, or can lead you to trained. Tell you how you can deal with it and those pros might need to grow the organism in a laboratory to learn precisely what it is.
But before their magic can be performed by professionals, you want to supply them and as much information as you can. The more information the better, you provide. Following is
A foot of sod taken from an area is best. You can get by on less, but just be certain that you take the sample in the place that is perfect: Half ought to be healthy lawn. If you have to mail to be assessed, ask them send and to wrap it.
In the event you can tell how old the yard is and the type of, it helps, although it could be challenging to supply this.
Does the lawn look? Do you see spots that are dead? Where do they occur? Colour, shape, and what size are the patches? Can you see mushrooms? What do grass blades seem like — seen, melted? Do the grass blades remain attached to the roots or pull up?
Search for patterns. Do the spots run in a straight line? Are there any relation to the location of the sprinkler heads? Are the lines followed by the spots? Do they follow the slope?
This includes information regarding your soil you fertilize water and mow. Have you employed any pesticides? (Do not forget to include weedandfeed solutions.)
When did you see the issue? What was the weather like? Has there been painting or any construction on your home? Has anything such as alcohol, gas, or compost been spilled on the yard? Write dates you may remember.
This advice may seem like overkill, but you can be on the way in case you have a problem that you think is a disease organism. Hydro Mousse Grass Seed will enlighten you on every aspect about hydraulic mulch seeding.