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Couples Honeymooning to Australia Guide for First-Timers


Australia is huge and there are so many things to do and see which can be a challenging task. If you’re planning to spend your honeymoon in Australia for the first time, then these are few things to consider.

  • Have Flat White Coffee – Coffee is quite popular in Australia. Melbourne is known to offer this amazing flat white coffee consisting of expresso coffee along with milk without the presence of foam. There are other varieties of coffee to try out as well.
  • Climb or Walk on the Sydney Harbor Bridge – Looking at this great bridge is one thing but when you’re present it’s just another fantastic experience. Climbing the bridge gives you scenic beauty of the city.
  • Visit the Daintree Rainforest –Australia’s oldest rainforest is the Daintree. This site offers some of the most breath-taking views of the surrounding similar to the movie ‘Avatar’. You can take a walk on a few of the tracks, swim, zipline and many more.
  • Swim near Whale Shark –The whale shark is the largest fish in the world. It is one of the best activities to do and they are harmless.
  • Visit Various Islands – Australia’s home to a few of the finest islands in the world. Honeymooning on islands like Hamilton, Bedarra etc can provide the best experience for couples with ample of activities and sights to see.

Australia is also home to some of the best private island honeymoon destinations in the world and couples must visit them.

Animals to Worth Seeing in Australia for Honeymoon Couples


Australia is home some of most fascinating animal species in the world. From cute to dangerous, there are plenty of wildlife species to witness in Australia. These are a few species to witness in Australia.

  • Bandicoot – These are cute animals that eat plants and meat. Meaning, these 20 species of Bandicoot are nocturnal and omnivores.
  • Camel – Though non-native, back in the 19th century, the camels were imported to help with the construction and transportation. Today, the population of camels is around 1.2 million found in the desert and are exported to the Middle East countries like Saudi Arabia.
  • Cane Toad – The cane toad was used to take care of the beetles to stop them from destroying few crops. Today similar to the camels, they are non-native and are spreading large number of diseases.
  • Cassowary – Terrible looks but beautiful at the same time. The beauty is owing to the colours on the neck and the head. Found mainly on the northern part of Queensland, these species are quite shy and spotting one is rare.
  • Crocodiles – One of the scariest species found in Australia are the crocodiles. If there are signs that tell you to stay away from the water, follow the signs. These are mighty species you don’t want to mess with.

Along with the animal species, Australia is one of the best romantic honeymoon destinations in the world.

Ultimate honeymoon destination Queensland

Queensland is Australia’s most famous honeymoon destination. It has pristine beaches, tropical islands, dramatic hinterland, urban cities, the world’s largest reef – the Great Barrier Reef, world heritage with nature reserves and arid desert.


Why select Queensland for Honeymoon?

As a honeymoon destination qld is the best choice for a newly married couple. The weather is biggest bonus as there is no surety about it. As per its slogan ‘Queensland wonderful today, perfect tomorrow’. The state has breathtaking scenery, gorgeous mountains, and awesome beaches. It has one of the most unique flora and fauna.

Some of the best honeymoon destinations in Queensland, Australia include:

  • Secluded Island getaways:

The place has best secluded islands with complete privacy and absolute luxury. They all have sun kisses beaches with refreshing ocean views. Islands are a perfect honeymoon destination for couples. These islands have luxurious resorts with many activities.

  • Romantic Rainforest retreats:

You can experience nature to its best, along with luxury and privacy for a unique honeymoon getaway. It is an excellent experience of Queensland beautiful rainforests. The couples can connect and relax in this tropical paradise.

  • Beach houses:

Beach houses offer the right style and enough room and privacy for the couples. They are decorated especially for the honeymoon couples.

  • Stop-off in Cairns:

You can stop at the stunning waterfront. It has breathtaking view of marina. This place has beautiful hotels that offers furnished rooms with balconies that has a wonderful sight of Cairns Marina.

Show your love one, how much they mean to you with this unforgettable honeymoon to Tropical rainforest.

Take a break together from the stress of everyday life


People from the beginning think of a married life with all kinds of enjoyments and happiness. But in reality a very few of them can make their wishes come true. In this fast paced life, everyone is so much busy in their work that even interaction becomes difficult between two people. The same thing happens between the couples. After a whole day’s tiring work, no one remains in a mood to spend some quality time or interact with each other merrily. In such cases, vacations can help to mend these situations.

Spend quality time with your near and dear loved ones

No matter how happy or stress free a family is, it is human tendency to travel new places for a few days to make one’s mind feel better. This happens also in case of newly married couples. After so much stress of the marriage rituals and the relatives around them, the newly married couples feel like spending alone for a few days at a place which is quite away from their home. Nowadays, there is a trend that the couples love to visit the popular honeymoon destinations. These destinations got such popularity due to their landforms or scenic beauty or some other reasons. 

Couples, not only newly married love to visit such places to improve their mutual understanding as well as to mend the relations between them. So for living a better life, a travel to a trendy destination can help to lead a happy life.