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Steps to Teaching Your Dog to Fetch

Teaching your dog the best way to fetch appears like it ought to be one of the things that are so easy. It requires no real thought or effort.  To discover more details about Jack Russell dog you may visit here http://britishgritjackrussellterriers.com/jack-russell-puppies-for-sale/.

 Steps to Teaching Your Dog to Fetch

1. Begin with chasing

If your dog is of the "sit and stare" variety, your first aim is to instruct him to chase after the thing you want him to bring. Broadly, there are 3 ways to do so, depending on what motivates your puppy: you can provide him affection, treats, or perform for regaining the chosen object.

Whichever motivator you use, the approach is fundamentally the same. Invite your puppy to go after the thing you want him to bring. When he catches it, reward him with his motivator of selection, then take the thing away.

2. Add Additional motivation

Want to encourage her to give chase even more? Consider holding her back after throwing the toy. She will naturally tug at you, especially if you offer verbal encouragement whilst still holding her back. When you finally let go, she will be after the thing like a rocket.

3. Retrieving

After your dog chases the thing, the next step is getting him to really bring it back to you. There are a variety of different things you can do based on your dog's behavior. If he will not bring back the object at all, it can help to use another toy.