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What To Know About TSA Horror Stories

The Transportation Security Administration is tasked to man the main points of entry related to airports and air travel. Thus they are found working in air terminals, in checking luggage and entries into customs and the like. The process is not only for international flights but also for domestic ones and there are many negative items that have been told.

The process is something that could be reliant on how the personnel here are tasked to do their job. The TSA horror stories are becoming more numerous and also are turning more horrific as the years go by. It was constituted to relieve the pressure of security agencies and airports in need of specific services for security.

These were often basic before the advent of the agency in question and it was long after so many things have gone through and happened to air travelers. These included bombs in airplanes, hijackings and hostage crises. Most of these have been proven effective or easily done in airports and airplanes that a certain process and unit had to be specially created to provide solutions for these.

Also, the possibility of these horrors happening are enough of a reason to provide travelers the kind of security that is supposed to be given by the TSA. However, whatever studies there have been to provide any contingency are going to be things that do not apply here. And for the most part, personnel are unable to improvise on the strict enforcement of rules.

These rules are unbending and were the result of many concerns related to terrorism after the 9 11 bombings. These were the drivers of many other measures in domestic security that the Homeland Security Department was tasked to meet and prevent. Prevention still occupies the mind of airport guards and travelers have been affected.

This means that horror stories, while not natural to the process, can and do happen. When these do, some folks can take pictures or videos of the events and upload it online. These reflect the many instances that these systems can fail and how the human factor can work to the detriment of the people that are supposed to be protected by certain systems.

There are several incidents that can really raise the hackles. One involved a recovering cancer patient and another a preteen on wheelchair. The offenses of the personnel ranged from abusive treatment to improper or truly indecorous behavior which was over the top for the kind of concern they were supposed to monitor.

Monitoring is not a hard task, but there may be other factors that influence personnel to behave as they do. Suspicion alone can turn innocent persons into potential terrorists in the eyes of personnel here. And this means that they are going to undergo some brutal process if and when the experts are not able to control themselves.

There might be a higher process for controlling these. However, there remains the fact that most victims are suing the government. The persons who made these stories happen may face charges or could already be out of service.