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Disable Fast User Switching on Microsoft Windows

Fast User Switching enables users to sign up in a system despite the fact other users remain signed up in. Although it provides the simple benefit of not causing other users to log off before you can sign up with your own profile, it can possess some down sides. In the event that various other computer users are signed in, Windows is employing more sources on them-mainly when they have left powerful resource-extensive software or back-ground services working. Whenever many other users are signed in, you also can not reboot or turn off your computer without having them sign out or probability the loss of every open documents they haven’t safe. If you have multiple users using your laptop and you’d rather not have Fast User Switching available, you just need to have a easy edit to your Windows Registry.

You need to note that this specific hack doesn't formally disable fast user switching. Instead, it hides all of the switch user interfaces that show up on the Start menu, sign up screen, and Task Manager. After all computer users have signed from their user accounts, they might not be allowed to switch to additional computer users making use of Windows screen.

Disable Fast User Switching on Windows by Registry Editor

Firstly, open the Registry Editor by hitting Start and writing “regedit.” Click Enter to open Registry Editor.

Inside the Registry Editor, use left sidebar to navigate to the following key:


Then, you’re likely to generate a new value within the System key. Right-click the computer key and choose New > DWORD (32-bit) Value. Make this value “HideFastUserSwitching.”

Double-click the latest HideFastUserSwitching value to open its properties window. Alter the value within the “Value data” field from 0 to 1 then click on “OK.”

Now you can exit Registry Editor. You’ll must log out of every user accounts which are presently signed in then sign back with any accounts you desire. After you’ve signed in, you can try the modification by starting the Start menu and confirming that the method to switch to other users is no longer present.

To reverse the alter, simply just follow the exact same steps and set up the HideFastUserSwitching value to 0 or delete the value fully.