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Understanding Basic Commercial Real Estate Lease Clauses

Do you know what commercial real estate lease clauses to include a commercial real estate lease agreement? Learning basic commercial real estate lease clauses will help you structure a commercial real estate lease agreement correctly. To get more info about commercial real estate you can go http://www.commercialrealtyofli.com.

 Understanding Basic Commercial Real Estate Lease Clauses

You should include introductory clauses in your lease agreement that do the following:

  • Describe the premises
  • Establish the lease duration
  • Indicate the rental or lease payment amount

Many times, you'll deal with a lease. You want to spell out in the lease increments that are leasing will happen over the length of the lease. You might also include tenant conduct. This is where you would define if they can assign the lease, sublease it, or restrict it to sub-leasing (subject to landlord's acceptance).


Signage becomes an issue due to hurricanes, in certain places like Florida. Among the most serious dangers to limb and life is not the debris which the wind blows around, although the end per Se.

A hurricane comes along and for those who have and rips chunks of plastic or glass off, these can become deadly projectiles. You get into plenty of other problems that are related, type of materials, and code issues about signage need to be assembled. In your rental, you must ensure that it includes

1. Landlord approval

2. Proper permitting through the local county officials or local city officials, so that evidence meet code and conform to local regulations and rules

Additional Tenant Expenses

Include language in the lease that itemizes the expenses for like utilities, taxes, and insurance. A policy would be to require that liability coverage is carried by your tenants on whatever occurs on the premises.