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Kinds Of Tools Needed For Cable Laying Projects

Cable laying projects require various different types of tools, which need to be carried by everyone who works with wires or cables. These tools are used to make the cable laying tasks easier, faster and hassle free. They are extremely handy, and can be carried along with in a tool box.


Some tools for laying the cable are:

1. Cable pusher:

Cable pusher is an entire unit which eases the laying of cables. It has an entire system of gripping the cable and laying it inside the conduits, and is powered by a hydraulic power pack. It comes in both top and side mounting of the cable. If you are looking for a cable pusher for sale, you need to check whether you want the top mount or the side mount cable pusher, and which one suits you the best!

2. Fish Tape:

Fish tape is used to pull the wire down the metal or PVC conduit. It is comprised of a narrow band of spring steel which aids directing the cable through conduit. If used cautiously, the tape can also be carefully laid through thin cavities of walls.

3. Cable lubricant:

Cable lubricant is used to slide the cable through conduit. It makes the cable laying task less laborious, since the lubricant around the cable minimizes the friction and cable can be easily pulled and laid.

4. Hydraulic cutter:

It is used to cut copper cable through the use of hydraulics. If your work requires you to cut it 50 times a day, it would get very strenuous to cut it with a normal wire cutter. Uses of hydraulics make it easier to cut without straining your hands. Hydraulic cutters come in many shapes and sizes, depending upon the kind of task to be carried out. 

Other more common essentials include pliers, voltage detector, wire stripper and measuring tapes, which also assist in cable laying projects.