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Cable drums handling equipment types

There are different types of equipment that can be used tohandle cable reels. Handling various types of cable reels is not an easy task. Below is some equipment that is frequently used in industries and on construction sites when it comes to handling cables.

Courtesy: alibaba

1. Cable Rollers

When it comes to heavy and large cable drums it can be very difficult to lift and move them. In this kind of situation cable rollers are used as they are effective and a safe method of transporting heavy drums from one place to another. Cable rollers are easily available in different sizes and materials so that they can be used to transport the reels.

2. Drum Jack

The main advantage of a drum jack is it helps in supporting heavy cable drums. They use a pinion and rack mechanism which enables it to raise cable drumsto 900 and 3200 inches. It can raise a drum weighing up to 20 tones. The most commonly used type of drum jack is axle height as these are fully adjustable and have wheelsthat help in positioning.

Drum lifter

It is unsafe to lift a heavy drum with help of a fork lift or a crane. In most industries and on construction sites they recommend using hydraulic drum lifters. This type of equipment can lift drums weighing more than 10 tones. But make sure you secure the cable drum safely before lifting it. 

Apart from this equipment you can also use a cable drum stand to ensure easier operations.