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Can Flotrol Treat Persistent Urinary Incontinence?

When it comes to losing control over your bladder, it's not a great experience to deal with. Men and women of all ages tend to experience these issues at some point throughout their lifetime. While many individual sufferers of urinary incontinence are over the age of 50, this condition can be prominent in individuals who are much younger as well. If you are experiencing any incontinence issues, you should be speaking to your doctor about a proper diagnosis.

When your incontinence is determined to be more than temporary, it's deemed persistent. Let's look at the different types of persistent urinary incontinence below. 

Pregnancy – When you are pregnant, the fetus can push up against the bladder. This can create incontinence issues during your pregnancy. This is known as a type of stress incontinence and is usually remedied by giving birth. Most women go back to normal bladder control after pregnancy.

Aging – More specifically, aging causes weak bladder muscles that cause the incontinence to occur. This condition can be remedied with a good bladder support supplement like Flotrol. We do encourage you to use this supplement on a consistent basis for best results. 

Menopause – In the same instance as above, women lose their much-need estrogen and can't maintain strong bladder muscles. A support supplement can help remedy this problem.