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In-Home Wedding Cake Baker Vs Commercial Shop

My wife and I owned a successful full-service bakery in Cincinnati, Ohio several years back. We mass-produced cookies, cupcakes, coffee cakes, Danish pastry, donuts, and even fresh-baked bread. It was one of the last of the dying breed of old world style bakeries.

In-Home Wedding Cake Baker Vs Commercial Shop

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And that's a shame because today, bakeries specialize in just a few items and a few, only cakes. My question to you is this: Are in-home-cake bakeries as great as commercial cake stores? Well let me give you a few quick reasons why:

1) Cleanliness. Allow me to just say cleanliness depends upon the individual baking the cakes, not the place of the bakery. A meticulously clean person will be whether at a commercial website or their dwelling. I, for example, am obsessively compulsive about the cleanliness of my work area and the cakes I create.

2) Quality. Anyone in business in a commercial place has overhead costs for construction space and business equipment. So naturally, they attempt to save on the costs of products and ingredients. Home bakers have an advantage of not needing this additional expense.

3) Focus. In-home bakers can concentrate on the company of cake baking and designing. They have none of the trappings that come with running a commercial store. These things aren't a diversion for the home baker.

So if you are in the market for a wedding cake, think again before you shy away from a baker who works from the dwelling. Don't be afraid to interview them in their dwelling. Sample their goods and get a sense of their environment.